Good Morning East Texas Headlines 03-10-10


Coming up on Good Morning East Texas : A judge has set bond for an East Texas man accused of shooting a DPS Trooper in the face. We'll tell you why the suspect probably won't be getting out of jail anytime soon.

Authorities have arrested a Texas native nicknamed "Jihad Jane". We'll tell you what type of help she is accused of giving terrorist groups and how long she could spend behind bars if she's convicted.

President Obama is hitting the road today as he pushes for a vote on a health care reform bill. We'll tell you who he's targeting with his latest message.

And on today's "Does It Work?"…our Joe Terrell will try out the "Jupiter Jack" to see if it really does allow you to convert your car's radio into a speaker for your cell phone.


A warm front is moving north this morning across East Texas and this is helping to produce a little patchy dense fog.  The fog should not last too long as southerly winds increase later this morning mixing out the atmosphere.  A dryline/cold front will move into our western counties around noon today.  Along this front we will see isolated thunderstorms develop.  A few of these storms could be severe this afternoon, especially across our eastern counties.  The storms should move out of the area by early evening as the front moves east.

We are still looking for a beautiful weekend although temperature will be below normal.  Moisture will increase late Sunday and rain will be back in the forecast by Monday of next week.


Something on the prowl in East Texas neighborhood

BEN WHEELER, TX (KLTV) - An East Texas farmer says something is on the prowl on his land and he has a picture to prove it. Chuck Arena snapped a photo of a large, fresh paw print he found on a pile of clay.

Sexting seniors

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Before you head off to grandma's house for Spring Break, you may want to call, or better yet, text first. Sexting--sending racy, risque messages, photos and videos via text message--has apparently gone senior.


WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama will try to crank up the pressure on skittish Democratic lawmakers to act quickly as he makes a closing argument for health care reform. He'll speak at a suburban St. Louis high school and also push a new anti-fraud plan that will urge independent auditors to root out waste and theft.

NEW YORK (AP) - Bank of America is taking a step today that could signal the end of overdrawn accounts linked to debit cards. The bank's customers will soon be unable to spend more than they have in such accounts. The step may become a common move ahead of new federal regulations limiting overdraft fees.

WASHINGTON (AP) - The attempted Christmas Day airliner attack near Detroit has had an effect on the government no-fly list. An intelligence official says the government has nearly doubled the number of people on the list since the attack. The list was expanded, in part, to add people associated with al-Qaida's Yemen branch and others from Nigeria and Yemen with potential ties to the alleged would-be bomber.

DALLAS (AP) - Dallas police say charges against a former city attorney accused of shooting a father and son at their financial business are on hold because the suspect is not expected to survive. They say Robert Mustard shot himself in the head after the Monday shooting.

ITALY, Texas (AP) - An off-duty state trooper shot at the North Texas home of another off-duty trooper is in stable condition. The Department of Public Safety says the second man apparently was not involved in the shooting yesterday. The injured man was taken by helicopter to a Dallas medical center.

 McALLEN, Texas (AP) - A trial has started for a former worker at a state facility for the developmentally disabled in Corpus Christi. An investigator pointed out Guadalupe Delarosa Jr. abusing residents in videos shown on the first day of testimony.