Rivercrest residents say they need help cleaning up

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

Rivercrest, TX (KTRE) – A KTRE special report on Rivercrest prompted an investigation by the Angelina County Health District. They've cited some residents for excessive garbage on their property. For the first time since our report aired, some of the residents we spoke to want to clean-up their property, but desperately need some helping hands.

"It's the cleanest it's been since I was a kid," said Timothy Armstrong, a Rivercrest resident.

For the past week, Timothy Armstrong and his wife have been cleaning up generations of scraps, beat-up cars and mangled machinery.

"People stop by and comment on how good the place looks," said Cheryl Armstrong, Timothy's wife.

A month ago trash carpeted this side of the lawn, now you can actually see the ground. Amid the change, Armstrong says he's found it's okay to let go.

"My wife stays on me about my pride. I don't like asking for help, but sometimes you have to let your pride go and ask for some help, you really do," said Timothy.

The Armstrongs admit they need help cleaning up, but for them the hardest part is letting go of history, like a truck that belonged to Armstrong's father.

"That's the only attachment I have to him because he's not here no more and he worked hard for that stuff," said Cheryl.

They're finally ready to let go of the trash, aged machinery and their pride. They just need some extra hands.

"We have a little but of money we can give out. We don't have a whole lot because like I said we're both on fixed incomes, so anybody that's willing to help would be greatly appreciated and it would come back to them ten folds," Cheryl.

A life they had thought slipped away now seems in reach.

"I hope to see this place one day with green grass in front of it," said Cheryl.

A vision they hope spreads through the river bottom.

If you want to help the Armstrongs, email Jena at JenaJohnson@ktre.com . She'll help you get in touch with them.

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