Restaurant Report-Angelina County- March 11, 2010

Zest-E-Burger on West Frank Street received 17 demerits. Food was found at improper temperatures. There was no food manager on site and no certified food handler's certificate on site. They need to clean the floor under the equipment, clean the vent on the drink machine and clean the table under the fryer. They also need to repair a broken hand sink. A thermometer is required in the freezer.

Taco Bell on South First Street was handed 16 demerits. Cold holds must remain below forty five degrees, it was found to high at sixty degrees. All employees must obtain food handlers certificates within thirty days of employment. They need to clean under shelves and clean the floor. They also need to clean the kitchen equipment and the kitchen hand sink. They must also clean the hand wash sinks in the restroom.

Chens China Inn on South Timberland was given 15 demerits. They must increase the temperature at the buffet. They must remove dented cans; clean the vent hoods, repair broken tiles on the kitchen floor, and protect the food items in the cooler by covering them. The backdoors must seal tightly and utensils should not be in standing water.

Lufkin High School received 5 demerits. They must decrease the temperature in the small cooler and towels are needed in the employee restroom.

Hole in one restaurant on South First Street received 3 demerits. They must sanitize inside the ice machine and store the ice scoop and flour scoops properly.

KB Company in Zavalla was given 3 demerits. They must store bulk item (sugar and flour) scoops properly.

The Eagles Nest on East Main Street in Zavalla was handed 3 demerits. They must sanitize the drink nozzles.

Congratulations to the following, they all received zero demerits: Subway on West Frank Street, Dodie Fry, Kids Konnection, and Kovenant Kids day care, Zavalla Cafeteria, Trout Cafeteria, Dunbar Primary Cafeteria, Pineywoods Academy.