East Texans get ready to spring forward Sunday

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE)- Saving the daylight, or getting rid of it, was originally an idea of Ben Franklin in the 1780s.

Angelina College professor Daniel Rankin explains, it wasn't adopted in the United States until World War I.

"It was a way to save energy," said Rankin.

Throughout the decades, presidents made adjustments to streamline the concept.

"Under LBJ, we passed the uniform time law, time act," explained Rankin.

This meant that during World War II, time changed yearly.

"We didn't spring forward or fall back. We transferred year around 1942-1945," said Rankin.

After so many changes, we finally have a routine. Although it's a hassle for some, especially those with sleeping disorders, most people say they're looking forward to springing forward this Sunday.

"I can play with my friends and play with my brother," said 12-year-old Rebecca Werner.

College student Courtney Branton said, "It kind of gives me more energy to do things."

"You get to play outside more and have fun," said 9-year-old John Ryan Werner.

Paula Werner says springing forward lets her family enjoy the outdoors and extra time for chores.

"It gives them more time to feed the animals versus rushing home by five pm and having to run out there before dark," she said.

Changing your clocks does carry some responsibility.

"Your supposed to change your batteries twice a year. Daylight savings time comes twice a year so a good way to remember it is, when you change your clocks change your batteries," said Lufkin Assistant Fire Chief Stephen McCool.

Spending a little extra time this weekend can keep you extra safe year around.

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