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3/14 Lufkin Police report

THEFT  800 Block of N TIMBERLAND DR Store clerk related at around 5:30 in the morning, a man came into the store and walked back to the beer cooler and he was told that they would not be allowed to sell him alcohol until after 7am.  The clerk related the man grabbed two 30 packs of beer out of the cooler and walked out of the store without paying for them.

ASSAULT/A   800 Block of ABNEY Man reported he was punched in the face by another man during a large birthday party at a residence when a dispute escalated into a large disturbance between two families.

THEFT/FELONY 200 Block of TIMBERLAND Man reported that he parked his truck and boat and trailer in a fast food restaurant parking lot and they went inside to get something to eat.  Man reported that as they were heading back to their vehicle, they observed several subjects stealing fishing gear out of his boat.  The man reported that he chased after them and the suspects got into a car and in their haste to get away, backed into another vehicle in the parking lot.  Over a $1,000.00 in fishing gear was reported stolen.


Gas station clerk reported that a man pumped over $30.00 in gas on a pump that was pre-paid by another customer.  Clerk and witness related that when confronted, the man became belligerent, stating that he was only going to get $5.00 worth of gas and put down a $20.00 bill and argued he was only going to pay $5.00 for the gas.  When the clerk insisted he would have to pay for the gas that he pumped, he took back his $20.00 dollar bill and left without paying anything.

THEFT 500 Block of BRENTWOOD Woman reported that she set her boyfriend's wallet containing over $100.00 in cash on the counter to pay for an item and mistakenly left it there and turned to walk away.  She related that when she realized what she had done, she turned around and the wallet was no longer there.

BURGLARY/HAB 200 Block of ENGLEWOOD DR Man reported that when his mother came over to his house to borrow an item, she found his garage door open and noticed two of his bicycles missing from the garage.

THEFT 1300 Block of JOHN REDDITT Music store owner reported that she found a $300.00 guitar was missing from their display.  She advised she learned from her employee that the previous day, two men came into the store, one looked at the guitars, while the other kept the employee busy on the other side of the store asking her questions about a piano.  The employee advised that shortly after the first male walked out, the second male left.

CRIMINAL MISCH 1700 Block of S FIRST Manager reported that sometime during the night the side window of the showroom floor had been broken out.  Someone had apparently picked up a pole from the parking lot and threw it through the window.  Nothing was found to be missing from the business at time of report.

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