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Father says Woodville murder suspect is innocent

Suzanna Harwell mug shot courtesy of Tyler County Jail. Suzanna Harwell mug shot courtesy of Tyler County Jail.
Brandel Goebel. Source; MySpace.com. Brandel Goebel. Source; MySpace.com.
Suzanna Harwell. Source: MySpace.com. Suzanna Harwell. Source: MySpace.com.

By Jena Johnson - email

WOODVILLE, TX (KTRE) - The father of a woman who was arrested Friday in the death of her seven-month-old son said he believes the toddler died as the result of a stroller accident.

Troy Harwell, of Independence, La., said the toddler's half-sisters were in another room pushing Brandel Goebel in a stroller and it flipped over.

"I firmly in my heart and mind believe they flipped that stroller and he hit his head falling out of a stroller," Troy Harwell said in a telephone interview. "That's my honest belief."

Suzanna Harwell, 24, who is listed on her MySpace page as being from Woodville, was arrested Friday in connection with the death of her son. Brandel Goebel died Oct. 5. The Tyler County Sheriff's Office arrested Harwell Friday, following receipt of an autopsy which concluded the death was the result of a homicide.

"I actually thought it was a joke because I know my daughter," Troy Harwell said. "My daughter doesn't have a mean streak in her body."

In a Aug. 29 blog post on Harwell's MySpace page, she describes an injury to her other daughter. She is not charged in connection to an injury to the daughter.

"sittin here worried about my baby girl. she got hurst 2day.she fell off her tricycle an hit her head on some concrete. she has a pretty good cut on her head. she is at my moms.my mom is a nurse an she is keepin eye on her 2 make sure she dont show any signs of having a concushion. about 2 go 2 bed soon. later"

Harwell's aunt, Suzie Wheat, said she thinks the baby could have died as a result of falling off a couch.

"He fell off the couch a few months ago I mean but all kids at one time or another, everybody's had their baby fall off the couch you know," Wheat said. "She was changing his diaper and he went to sleep so she left him there and he was sleeping and she was just straightening up the front room and he woke up and fell off the couch."

Harwell's family denies the idea that she could hurt her own children.

"It is absolutely breaking my heart," her father said.

"She's looking at life or death in prison and I just don't see what evidence they have against her," Wheat said.

A request for the arrest affidavit on the capital murder charge was not immediately returned.

Brandel Goebel's father declined to comment on the case.

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