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Clawson church answers Rivercrest family's call for help

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) –  A Rivercrest family's prayers were answered today after seeing their story last week on KTRE. Folks from Clawson's Assembly of God Church turned up this afternoon ready to help clean-up just because they asked.

When members of Clawson Assembly of God Church heard a call - they answered.

"I'm out here because the community asked for help," said Kenneth Reynolds, Outreach Minister for Clawson Assembly of God Church.

It's on their shirts and its where they hit - the streets.  A program with a simple mission.

"Streets is about kind of adopting a block and building relationships with that block," said Josh Poage, Youth Pastor for Clawson Assembly of God.

Right now that block is a large property in Rivercrest. Thirty-three year Rivercrest resident, Cherl Armstrong, was the one who asked for help to get the area around her house cleaned up.

"It's a blessing to me. It's truly a blessing," said Cherl Armstrong, Rivercrest Resident.

That's exactly what the church's volunteers are doing. With a borrowed tractor, and many pairs of hands, they got to cleaning.

"Trying to pile this trash up. Get it all separated. Get the wood out of the trash. Get the trash where we can do something with it. Burn the wood," said Reynolds.

Even members of the church's youth group came out here on their spring break to help clean. They said they want to help out where ever they can.

Eighth grader, Emily Avreitt, believes this is a great way to spend time out of school.

"Sense of accomplishment that you're helping someone instead of spending it for your own needs. You're helping someone else," said Emily Avreitt, Youth Group Member.

"It makes me real proud as a youth pastor to see my kids really want to do that," said Poage.

Not only is the church's youth pastor proud, but so are the property-owners, who hope they can really start fresh after the clean-up.

"Just being able to look out the front door and not see that trashy house there. It made me feel good," said Armstrong.

The volunteers from Clawson Assembly of God Church plan to keep helping and building relationship with the folks from Rivercrest. They also encourage anyone who needs help to just ask.

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