Good portion of East Texans getting visit by Census worker

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Morgan Thomas - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Nearly 10 percent of Texans will not receive Census forms by mail. Instead, they'll be paid a visit by an official Census worker.

"In some of the more rural areas it's necessary to hand-deliver because some of the mailing addresses are not well identified," Lufkin City Planner Trent Cantrell said. "Some of the rural post boxes on the roadside aren't marked as well."

City dwellers with post office boxes too.

The Census is trying to find out about new or developing areas of town. So even if you live in the city limits and have a mailbox out your front door, but you live in a new development, you may get a hand-delivered form.

In fact - much of Deep East Texas will be part of the hand-delivery effort.

If you live in Trinity, Tyler, Sabine, Newton or Jasper County, you will receive hand-delivered Census forms.

For Angelina and Houston County residents, half of the geographic county will be hand-delivered.

And two-thirds of Cherokee County and more than half of San Augustine County are designated hand-delivery counties.

Less than half of Nacogdoches, Polk and Shelby Counties will receive less than hand-delivered census forms.

"They'll have a badge that identifies them as a Census employee," Cantrell said. "They can certainly ask that person to give them a name and number of someone above them that they can call and confirm that person's employment with the census bureau."

No matter how you receive your form, sending it back is the same.

"The deadline should be April 1," Cantrell said. "That's when they should have forms mailed back."

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