Crockett radio show entertains hometown listeners

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Not many small towns have their own radio station with local programming.  However, Crockett and Houston County wake up to their friends and neighbors over the airwaves each morning.

For eight years, Houston County Judge Lonnie Hunt and the 'Crazy Canjun' Joanne Warner have entertained their very local listeners.

"That's what people like. There's nothing fake about it," said Judge Lonnie Hunt, Houston County.

Judge Hunt believes this morning show provides a huge service for Houston County.

"Every small town ought to have a little local radio station like KIVY. It really does - just by informing people - it just serves as a kind of glue to keep the whole county together," said Judge Hunt.

They broadcast from KIVY's headquarters located right in the middle of the square across from the county courthouse.

"We have a window on the world," said Hunt.

Their world being Houston County. Joanne's running commentary of what's happening out their window feels like people-watching from a front porch.

"Look at that dog. How does he not fall out of there?" said Joanne Warner, Morning Show Host.

Interacting with listeners is at the heart of their show. For better or worse.

"Sometimes its fun. Sometimes they're idiots," said Warner.

Besides the back and forth banter between the hosts - its games like the Tinkle Can that keep folks listening.

"Tinkle can time. Tinkle can time. Last tinkle can of the day," said Warner.

Listeners call in to guess how much money is in the Tinkle Can.

"It's the one thing that has generated more interest than anything else I remember," said Hunt.

For Houston County Judge Lonnie Hunt - he knows his part-time gig as a morning radio show host makes him more accessible.

"People know where I am, they know what I'm doing. I think citizens of Houston County are probably better informed about their county government than in the past," said Hunt.

You can listen to the county judge and the crazy cajun's morning show out of Crockkett at 92.7 FM.

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