Jack of the Week: Monika Covington

By Nick James - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES-KTRE: Monika Covington is a southpaw junior pitcher on the SFA softball team that is filthy in the circle and looks to break some records while she's in college.  Covington jokingly spells her first name with a "K" instead of the customary letter "C".  The reason why is because she strives to strike everyone out.  The symbol for softball and baseball for a strikeout for people who keep the score and stats, Covington pitched over 244 innings last season as a sophomore.

"Starting off this year was a little shaky I was in a boot most of the fall so I didn't really get a lot of pitching time but after we started getting some experience and knocking off some of the rust and started feeling a lot more confident about it just got up there and stayed focused and did what I had to do," said Covington.

Being left handed definitely has its advantages for "Cov"

"You know what "cov" has that most pitchers don't have is the natural curve and drop to her release so a lot of people don't see that and with not a lot of left handed pitchers in our game it makes hitting a lot more difficult but when your ball is breaking on and off plane that sets her apart from the rest of the field," said assistant coach Craig Snider.

Playing behind her on defense is easy for senior 3rd baseman Briana Bishop.  She knows the killer instinct is always their.

"When "cov" is on the mound it's a really great feeling for me at third base because I have so much confidence in her and I know  what she is going to throw and to watch her with the cockiness and confidence it's great to see because she can really throw the ball," Bishop said.

Covington and the Ladyjacks are home this Saturday at 1pm to host Louisiana-Monroe.  Monika Covington is your Jack of the Week.

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