Cuzco's Party Hall in Hudson sparks concerns for residents

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

HUDSON, TX (KTRE)- Cuzco's Party Hall in Hudson has rented space for weddings, and gatherings for years.

Large events put on by East Texas promoters have sparked an organized prayer rally for change.

"We came out today to let God know that we're not pleased with the things that are taking place and he's the only one that can change that," said local pastor Oscar Dixon.

Some residents' concerns stem from a flyer promoting a live event taking place at Cuzco's on Saturday. With some explicit material, many residents are saying the flyer is offensive and inappropriate.

"It seems to me that it's exploiting women and exploiting what Jesus Christ has called us to be as a church," said Pastor Bud Bonner.

Cuzco's rents the space for several events ranging from weddings to quienceaneras. The owner, who has not returned our phone calls, also rents it out to promoters, who in the past have hosted several "bring your own beer" parties.

Some residents feel these weekend parties have gotten out of hand.

"We've had several complaints in the city in this area, with music and loud noise and litter," said Hudson Mayor Robert Smith.

Local business owners say party goers are taking their parking, and leaving their trash behind.

"I was told that there were several arrests under the awning of the daycare people that had gotten intoxicated and passed out also just hanging out in the parking lot way after hours," said co-owner of Kid Kounty Too Pre-School, Nicole Hawkins.

Safety is this daycare director's main concern.

"It's not a place, where children are being brought, for this to be around them."

After months of consideration, the city of Hudson has also passed a new ordinance. On April 1st, "BYOB" events will now require permits.

"There will be background checks, there will be a permit fee, and then they'll be certain security requirements depending on the size of the event," said Hudson City Administrator James Freeman.

There are also new time restrictions.

"Instead of going until two, three, four in the morning, it will have to close down at one am and be off the premises by 1:30 am," said Mayor Smith.

He's not involved with this Saturday's gig, but a promoter with Big Time Entertainment who has hosted several events at Cuzco's says he will no longer take his business there once the ordinance takes effect. He gave this statement today:

"When Jimmy's, a country western bar was in Hudson, no one complained. It's only when the black promoters come in. It is not about the flyers."

But the residents say, all they want is peace and quiet in their neighborhood.

*An additional side note: the restaurant and bar called "El Cazador" that's attached to Cuzco's, is a separate establishment.

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