Memorial CEO calls health care bill form of rationing

Byrant Krenek, CEO of Memorial Health System of East Texas.
Byrant Krenek, CEO of Memorial Health System of East Texas.

By Jena Johnson - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – While millions of Americans are wondering how the passage of the health care bill will affect them in the coming days, a Lufkin hospital administrator is concerned about the future of the medical industry.

The CEO of Memorial Health System, Bryant Krenek, said this the newly passed health care bill is unnecessary and won't work.

Krenek said the 30 to 40 million uninsured Americans are already getting the services they need. He said if you look around the community, you won't find anyone walking around with a broken leg or arm.

He said that's because they're treated at the ER or the health district. He calls this piece of legislation a form of rationing.

"The theory is you got this increased demand on the system, how is the system going to provide the services? And as a result you're going to get again a rationing of care and that's sort of a futuristic, negative prediction," said Bryant Krenek, CEO of Memorial Health System.

On top of that, he believes less doctors will go into medicine. He said the health care bill was not fully thought-out.

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