Lawmakers took a beating? 'Yes, we did'

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama says members of Congress took their "lumps" over health care reform - and he's getting no argument from them.

One lawmaker responded, "Yes, we did," after Obama pointed out the political beating that some members are taking on the issue.

Speaking to a large group of lawmakers before signing the health care bill at the White House Tuesday, the president paid tribute to what he called the "historic leadership and uncommon courage" of the members of Congress who pushed ahead with the measure amid the often heated debate.

The President is telling Americans that they don't have to take his word for it, when it comes to the benefits of the health care overhaul plan. He says, "You'll see it in your own lives." Obama signed the bill today at an East Room ceremony attended by members of Congress and people who've endured health care struggles.

As promised, a legal challenge to the new health care law has already been filed. Attorneys general from 13 states are suing, including Texas, claiming that the law is unconstitutional. Others may join the lawsuit later or sue separately.

Obama is setting out on the road later this week to try to minimize the political damage to lawmakers over the health care bill by convincing the American people of its merits.

Tonight on KTRE's East Texas News at 10, Whitney Grunder looks at the provisions of the bill that allows people 26 and under to stay on their parents' insurance.

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