Bees swarm car outside Louisiana store

Photos by: Charles Holmes, Raycom News Network
Photos by: Charles Holmes, Raycom News Network

BATON ROUGE, LA (Raycom News Network) - There was plenty of buzz outside a Baton Rouge store Tuesday afternoon.

A woman went inside the Michael's craft store on Airline Highway and emerged to find thousands of bees on top of her car.

Shoppers gathered around the vehicle to take pictures while the woman's son, who borrowed safety gear from a friend, removed the bees from the top of the car.

David Taylor, owner of Lady Bee Ranch in Central, Louisiana, says there is a simple explanation for what happened.

Taylor said the queen bee was likely flying around looking for a new home when she got tired and stopped to rest on top of the vehicle.  When that happens, her worker bees also stop and surround the queen bee as a way to protect her.

"It's a unique experience," Taylor said.

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