Sen Hutchison calls for State Opt Out amendment to health care

WASHINGTON, D.C. (News Release) – As debate on the health care reform legislation continues in the U.S. Senate, today U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison introduced an amendment to restore the 10th amendment rights reserved to the states by allowing states to enact legislation that would allow them to opt out of the healthcare reform bill and a federal takeover of their healthcare system.

"The Democrats' healthcare bill violates our Constitution, trampling on the 10th amendment by preempting states' rights and stifling innovation," Senator Hutchison said. "My amendment restores those rights, allowing state leaders to pass legislation that would allow them to opt out of the federal takeover of their healthcare system."

The healthcare reform bill signed by President Obama dramatically expands Medicaid and pushes the costs on states that are already struggling to balance their budgets. Several states are already considering legal action to protect themselves from the healthcare reform bill. Senator Hutchison's amendment adds language to the underlying bill allowing states to opt out of the individual mandate, the employer mandate, the taxes increases, the Medicare cuts, and the unfunded Medicaid expansion.

Click here to read Senator Hutchison's amendment.

Meanwhile, Texas Republicans in Congress are urging Kay Bailey Hutchison to remain in the U.S. Senate.  A letter signed by 20 GOP House members from Texas praises Hutchison's service and says her experience is needed more than ever during this period of "sweeping change." A copy of the letter, dated Sunday, was obtained by The Associated Press on Tuesday.

While Hutchison's office confirmed receiving the letter, the senator didn't comment to the AP.  The GOP congressional members cited Hutchison's accomplishments and noted that she's the only woman ever elected to represent Texas in the U.S. Senate.

Hutchison lost her Republican primary race for governor to Gov. Rick Perry this month. She has said she would leave office after federal health care debate is completed.

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