Good Morning East Texas Headlines 03-25-10


Coming up on Good Morning East Texas: We'll tell you what the reward is now for information that leads to the arrest and conviction of the person responsible for placing dangerous devices outside several East Texas post offices. Plus, we'll hear what safety precautions postal workers are taking.

The U.S. Senate worked late into the night reviewing the health care reform bill. We'll tell you why they're sending it back to the House of Representatives and what will happen next.

An East Texas family is reaching out for help from the community as their child faces an expensive operation to save her life. We'll tell you how you can help.

Plus, we'll meet an East Texas brother and sister who are both filled with energy...and need to find a family of their own. That's in today's "Gift of Love" report.


A strong line of thunderstorms moved through the area last night and early this morning and are now well to the east of the area.  Today we will see partly cloudy skies across East Texas with a few more clouds and maybe an isolated shower confined to the I-30 corridor.  Highs today will reach the lower 60s with breezy conditions.  Northwest wind could gust as high as 30 mph at time today.  Because of that a lake wind advisory is in effect for our central and eastern counties.  Cool temperatures tonight as we drop into the upper 30 s to near 40 degrees in most areas.  Lots of sunshine and beautiful weather is on tap for us tomorrow as most areas reach 70 degrees. 

Another storm system will move to our north Saturday and bring a cold front through the area.  Right now it appears there will not be enough moisture for widespread thunderstorms, however, this is a very dynamic system and there will be a few isolated storms Saturday afternoon.  Any storm that forms could be strong as this front moves through.  We will see cooler conditions on Sunday and then the big warm up begins.  Many of us will see upper 70s to near 80 by the middle of next week.


Shooting In Tyler

Tyler Police are on the scene of a shooting.

Details are still coming in, but officers say the shooting happened late Wednesday night in the 4700 block of Paluxy Drive.

Heart for Brynn

HENDERSON, TX (KLTV) - Four-month-old, Brynn Lewis, needs a heart transplant to live. She was born in East Texas November 12, 2009.


WASHINGTON (AP) - Just what Democrats hoped to avoid on health care will have to be done. Senate Republicans have found minor rules problems that will force sending the health care fix-it bill back to the House for another vote. Democrats are calling it a minor glitch.

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Barack Obama flies to Iowa today to convince people that the health care reform which is now law is a good thing. He'll speak at the University of Iowa, which is in the home district of a Democrat who voted "yes" on the bill. Some Democrats worry their "yes" votes could hurt them this fall.

SAN DIEGO (AP) - A big hearing today in San Diego on whether to combine more than 100 lawsuits against Toyota concerning its sudden acceleration problem. The panel of federal judges may also decide where the suits will be tried. Some 19 jurisdictions have been suggested, including Puerto Rico.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Families of those killed on United Airlines Flight 93 on 9/11 will ask a House panel today to support a national memorial now in the works in southwestern Pennsylvania. The families say more money is needed so the first phase of the memorial can open on the 10th anniversary of the crash.

WASHINGTON (AP) - Texas death row inmate Hank Skinner's wish has been granted. The U.S. Supreme Court blocked his scheduled execution yesterday. Skinner was convicted of killing his girlfriend and her two adult sons in Pampa in 1993. He says DNA testing could clear him.

DALLAS (AP) - A man wrongly convicted of a charge linked to a rape may continue his lawsuit against the Dallas-area police detective he accuses of framing him. Donald Wayne Good served nine years of a life sentence. An appeals court has denied the detective's appeal arguing he's protected from Good's lawsuit.

BEAUMONT, Texas (AP) - Authorities are looking for two inmates they say walked away from the minimum-security federal prison near Beaumont. The 38-year-old men were serving time on drug charges. Marshals were alerted that the men were missing Monday night.