Restaurant Report- Angelina County- March 25, 2010

The Brisket House on North Temple received 13 demerits. Food was found at improper temperatures. There was no food manager on site. Inspectors found potentially hazardous food items being prepared in the hand wash sink and they need to sanitize the fountain drink nozzles.

Mom's Diner on West Frank Street was also handed 13 demerits. The mayonnaise was found at to high of temperature. All employees must obtain food handlers certificates and they need to defrost and clean the bottom of the freezer.

El Taurino on 69 was given 3 demerits. They need to repair the self-close door in the women's restroom, paper towels and soap are required at the hand sinks. They need to sanitize the fountain drink nozzles and inside the ice machine.

Congratulations to the following, they all received zero demerits this week! Gorden Development Center, Diboll Depot Grocery and Deli, Bryan's Barbeque and Bodacious Barbeque.