Jack of the Week: Roxana Enica

By Nick James - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES-KTRE: Roxana Enica comes to the oldest town in Texas from her native homeland in Constanta, Romania.  She has no regrets leaving home and loves to beat the ball around here in East Texas.

"I was just here I started looking for schools and I decided I wanted to play college tennis in the United States.   I was just looking online trying to find a school so I can get a scholarship and I just found SFA and I took my exams and talked to my coach and everything worked out perfectly," said Enica.

For Coach Bret Arrant he is happy to have Enica.  Her killing instinct is tremendous.

"It was funny when she first got here she always hated for the opponent to make a mistake because if the opponent made a mistake that deprived her of hitting a winning shot.   I tried to convince her and we eventually did that hey it's ok if the other person messes up that's fine you still win the point.  She now accepts that but still loves to hit that winning shot," said Coach Bret Arrant.

Four years ago Roxie experienced some culture shock, but now that's all behind her.

"My English was not very good when I first came here I had tough classes but I was very motivated to improve my English and my tennis.  I also wanted to make good friends to learn more about the American culture and American people you know being motivated is all it takes to improve in everything your doing."

Roxana Enica is your Jack of the Week.