SFA rugby championship rules how they differ from American football

SFA Rugby: Are in the Texas State Championship

The SFA rugby team are finalists  for the Texas State Championship. The qualification was based on SFA's undefeated record this season, despite some hard fought matches with their opposition. SFA's opponents in the Texas State Championship final is   Mid Western State University (Wichita Falls), who SFA beat earlier this season 8 points to 6. So the championship final has the makings of a tough bruising exciting game.

The championship final will be held at  SFA's  intramural fields this Saturday, March 27th  2010,with kick off at 2.00pm. Come and support: your town, your university, your fellow collegiate members, your fellow sports athletes and brave colleagues who play a full contact sport without pads or helmets. If you want to see a FREE exciting bruising, fast running, hard tackling, ball handling sporting action, where the ball and thirty players are constantly in motion for eighty minutes, come to the match.

If you do not understand rugby, do not worry there will be plenty of coaching staff available to explain the rules and game tactics. To assist in the understanding of Rugby here is a table comparing the basics of American football and Rugby.


American Football

Rugby Union

Player on the field



Players on the substitute bench


7 only

Ball in motion

Average 6 second intervals

Constantly for 2 x 40 minute periods each half.


Play stoppages

After the completion of each individual play

When the ball is out of bounds or a penalty is awarded or injury to a player

Game time

4 quarter of 15 minute duration = 1 hour

2 halves of 40 minutes each period = 1 hour 20 minutes

Who can be tackled or Blocked

Any player on the opposition regardless if they are in possession of the ball

Only the Ball carrier with specific regulations on how to tackle. No Blocking of players is allowed

Moving the ball up-field

By passing the ball forward or running with the ball or kicking the ball forward

By passing the ball backwards and the ball carrier running forward with the ball or.

Kicking the ball forward

Forward or lateral passing or dropping the ball forward is a offence and a scrum is awarded


A touch downs where the player and ball are in the touch down zone = 6 points

Additional points awarded by kicking the ball between the posts and over the bar = 1 point


Field goal by kicking the ball between the posts and over the bar = 3 points




There is no equivalent to a penalty goal in American football.

A try where the player grounds the ball in the opposition in goal area = 5 points. Additional points from a conversion by kicking the ball between the posts and over the bar 2 points

Drop Goal by kicking the ball immediately as it touches the ground. and the kicked ball is  between the posts and over the bar = 3 points

Penalty Goal the referee awards a penalty against the opposition usually for foul play The player kicking the ball between the posts and over the bar = 3 points  


Protective clothing for players


Shoulder and Arm pads

Hip and Thigh pads

Face and Mouth guards


None except a mouth guard and soft scrum cap (optional)