Lufkin accountant helps tax procrastinators avoid errors

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Lufkin accountant, Lisa Rader, knows exactly the kind of problem tax procrastination really is.

"I wouldn't have to work if I had a dollar for everyone who says I'm not going to wait until the last minute next year," said Lisa Rader, Accountant & Owner, Accurate Accounting.

With April 15th looming, those of us who've waited to file, are starting to scramble. However, rushing through your returns mean making little mistakes that really add up.

"There's an issue if you're going to do a direct deposit that you have correct banking information," said Rader.

Make sure you're working with all of your W-2 forms.

"Don't forget about that job you worked at a week last year," said Rader.

An easy solution to avoid any last minute errors is to stop doing your taxes the old fashioned way by mail, and start doing them the new fashioned way by E-filing.

Lisa Rader says E-filing will actually alert you to some mistakes before you submit.

"It will kick that return back if the names and socials don't match. Birthdays - it matches with your year of birth. If you mail it in it will delay your refund," said Rader.

She also recommends educating yourself - so you don't miss out.

"Read up on the newer deductions. There's the home-buyer credit this year there's the make work pay credit," said Rader.

Lastly, super procrastinators shouldn't rely on extensions.

"If you file an extension but that's just an extension of time to file a return, not time to pay your tax," said Rader.

Penalties accrue for not paying on time - so get those taxes done in plenty of time.

Rader also suggested taking out last year's return to use as a checklist for this year's. It will help you make sure you are taking everything into account.

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