Trinity woman claims she found entire chicken head inside store-bought chicken

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

TRINITY, TX (KTRE)- A Trinity woman says she may be seeking legal action against Pilgrim's Pride after she claims she opened a chicken and found a chicken head inside of it. Wanda Stansberry, 80, says it was a shocking discovery.

"I reached down in there and here was this beak sticking up at me," said Stansberry.

She says while thawing a chicken in her sink, she opened it to wash it out, and saw a chicken head, with a beak and eyes.

"It's disgusting, it just makes you sick," Stansberry said.

She showed the head to her daughter, Joyce Mayze of Austin, who was visiting. Friday, they reacted with disgust as they pulled the chicken head out, and saw no body attached to it. Stansberry also pulled out what appears to be a chicken heart.

"We've had nightmares," said Maze.

She says never again, will her mother purchase a Pilgrim's Pride product, or a whole chicken. The family says they rejected Pilgrim's Pride offer of coupons, and may be taking legal action.

When asked if it was possible for one of the family members to put the chicken head inside the bird themselves, Maze responded, "Not a chance, not a chance. It was frozen. It was sealed. It was frozen from the Pilgrim's Pride."

Pilgrim's Pride released a statement Friday regarding the allegation.

"We have looked into the allegations made by the customer. It is difficult to determine with any certainty what may have happened, as we do not have the product itself or the bag that it came in. Based on information the customer provided to us, it appears that the product may have been produced in Gainesville last August with a sell-by date of Sept. 9, 2009. I can assure you that product quality is a top priority for Pilgrim's Pride and we take this matter very seriously. Our whole birds are inspected at numerous points along the production line, including by a USDA inspector. We have not received any reports of similar complaints involving product from that same plant. We have apologized for any inconvenience to the customer and offered her coupons for future purchases, which she declined."

Meanwhile, Wanda says she's still in shock.

"Why, why would it have happened? Who could have been mean enough to do something like that?" asked Stansberry.

Stansberry says she purchased the chicken from a Trinity Brookshire Brothers in September of 2009. She says she had been storing it in her freezer since then.

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