Fire officials determine Huntington blaze result of arson

Information leading to an arrest can put $1,000 in your pocket.
Information leading to an arrest can put $1,000 in your pocket.
Ora volunteer firefighter, Bonnie Harper, tacks up reward signs.
Ora volunteer firefighter, Bonnie Harper, tacks up reward signs.

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - By Jena Johnson - bio | email

HUNTINGTON, TX (KTRE) - A Huntington home was destroyed on Feb. 28 as a result of arson, according to a fire official. Now, a state fire marshal is asking for your help in finding the person responsible for torching the Huntington widow's home. Authorities said they're offering a cash reward, working against the clock, to close this case.

The fire started at 5 a.m. between the living and dining rooms of a home on U.S. 69, across from Rudd Cleaners in Huntington.

Wine glasses sit on a table covered in soot. Floral wallpaper has wilted away from the dining room wall. More than a month after an arsonist fire gutted the sprawling home, authorities are turning to the public for answers.

"I'm hoping that money will talk and whoever is responsible will be caught and punished," said Bonnie Harper, Ora volunteer firefighter.

Investigators say someone broke-in through a back window and possibly burglarized the home, then left a thick trail of gasoline to erase any trace the crime.

"People do strange things," said Harper. Harper said what's even stranger is the reward signs posted to the house have vanished.

"That is odd," she said. "No body should have a reason to take it down. It's just kind of suspicious they just disappeared."

Much like the arsonist investigators are searching for. There are persons of interest, but Harper is tight-lipped.

"Three people of interest right now, but there's nothing right now that we can actually say they've done it or they have not done it," she said.

Now, Harper is again tacking up the reward signs, aiming to spark conversation and motivate someone with information.

"Hopefully somebody will come forward with something we can use," said Harper.

Harper said while there are several persons of interest, a $1,000 reward is being offered for information leading to an arrest. If you have any information, fire officials are urging you to call (877) 434-7345.

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