BET Comedian brings laughter to Lufkin

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE)- They call him "Dr. Shep". The Lufkin comedian has spent 20 years yucking it up, performing around the world, including on BET's Comic View.

But now he's bringing the laughter home, to East Texas, and he's got his own quirky trademark.  Barry Shepherd, aka "Dr. Shep" is known for being cock-eyed.

"I actually just used to tell regular jokes and then somebody walked up to me like are you crazy? Why you don't say anything about your eye? And I've lived with it so long, I was like, well what is wrong with my eyes?" said Shepherd. "I have a sleepy eye, and I'm not trying to hide it."

He says we all have flaws, so why not make light of them through a little laughter.

"It enables me to bring my comedy to people and it helps them feel comfortable with themselves."

This East Texas native plans to open his own comedy club in Lufkin.

"I want to inspire dreams here and show people that hey, whatever you want to be, if you work hard, then if you can stand the failure and understand it, you could do what I do," he said. "If I could do it here, it would be almost right up there with doing BET Comic View."

On top of performing once a month at the Party Shack, he's also writing and producing a film set to be released this summer, on July 12th.

"I want everybody to know, all my classmates, all my old teachers. I want them to see and come out and that I've actually made something of myself."

Dr. Shep says he can guarantee laughter.

"Laughter doesn't have a color, laughter doesn't have a size, it doesn't have a shape, it does not have a smell. It's just laughter."

Dr. Shep is performing this Saturday, along with other BET comics, at the Party Shack on Highway 59.

The show is for mature audiences only. Tickets are $10 for general seating, $15 for VIP.

He hopes to begin performing there twice a month, and is also planning to explore other East Texas venues. To contact "Dr. Shep" on information about performances or his upcoming film release, you can call him at 832-723-5945.

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