Crockett I.S.D. cuts jobs in response to budget shortfalls

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Budgets that depend on a depressed economy face hard times and school districts are starting to feel the pressure. Crockett I.S.D. is one of them.

"The last audit was finished August of this past year. Showed the district had over spent 900,000 dollars the previous year," said Superintendent Dr. Douglas Moore, Crockett I.S.D.

Dr. Moore took over as superintendent last summer and prepared to tackle budget shortfalls.

"Just like you do in your homes. If you don't have money - you don't spend money," said Dr. Moore.

A simple equation became apparent. Crockett I.S.D.'s student population is decreasing every year, but their staff stayed the same.

"You have to keep paying salaries even though your average daily attendance allotment is based on your student body numbers continue to decrease," said David Baxter, Deputy Superintendent.

The results from a recent staffing pattern study made it clear. Crockett I.S.D. was overstaffed and positions had to be cut.

"There's ten employees. Ten," said Dr. Moore.

"We're talking about classroom teachers, counselors, administrators," said Baxter.

These were not random job cuts but based on studies, principal evaluations and hard choices. It's never easy to lose employees based on numbers.

"This is unfortunate because some of the people affected by this are pretty darn good employees. You want to keep them, but you can't afford to keep them," said Baxter.

The district recently opened a new junior high and older buildings have undergone renovations. Superintendent wants to make one thing clear.

"We do have some expansion going on in certain areas. This was left over bond money which had to be devoted to buildings," said Dr. Moore.

It couldn't be used to pay salaries.


The ten employees will be allowed to finish out their contracts giving them at least six months to recover.

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