Jack of the Week: Jared and Jason West

By Nick James - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES-KTRE:  In our weekly installment of Jack of the Week we bring you a pair of jokers that pitch for SFA two senior pitchers that matriculated to Nacogdoches from Conroe.  Jared and Jason West are identical twins that have two very different pitching styles, but both are very effective.  Jared who is a minute older is the more conventional pitcher with an over the top delivery.  While baby brother Jason comes three-quarters or what some would call side arm.

How does that fair against other teams when they think it's the same person entering the game.  It's baffling for some.

"I think it's a shock to the other teams a lot of times when they realize twins are on the team and we both pitch so it gets a lot of laughs and people enjoy it I think," said Jared West.

"Yes it's a lot of fun we actually have two sets of brothers on the team so we are a lot more unique than other teams so," said Jason West.

Baseball coach Johnny Cardenas says it took him a while to figure out which was which.

"It's difficult I think it took me probably the better course of over two years two figure out who was who once they did that they have distinctive styles and ways they go about their business once you figure that out its pretty easy it's been a blessing because of both of them have been very strong members of the team," said Cardenas.

The brother's are pretty tight and they have their sibling rivalries just like any family members but say they are tighter than tupperware and can't even fool their parents if they tried.

"I was always my moms and he was my dad's responsibility it was like that.  They never really had a problem telling us apart unless they got mad then they would just scream out whichever name came to their mind first," said Jared West.

"I never remember my parents having a real problem telling us apart I don't think we could sneak by them if we tried," said Jason West.

More bang for your buck two jacks for the price of one.  Happy April fool's day  The West twins our your Jacks of the Week.

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