Lufkin church spends Easter repairing tornado-damaged homes

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – One Lufkin church is spending their Easter weekend roofing houses and re-building porches. Members of St. Cyprians Episcopal Church were hard at work in North Lufkin Friday repairing homes damaged by the December tornados.

"Oh thank the Lord," said resident Barbara Sue Thomas.  "It's a blessing from the Lord."

"She needs a house and everybody needs somewhere to live that's up to standard," said volunteer Adam Logan.

These students are spending their holiday working so Thomas will have a home that's dry.

"It's something bigger than ourselves," said volunteer Anna Katherine Alvis.  "It's not just about us or a project that we have to do to make ourselves look good. It's about helping everybody out, helping Ms. Barbara because she deserves a new house."

Members of all ages from St. Cyprians Episcopal Church are spending the Easter weekend fixing what the tornado ruined.

"The 406 house had a tree fall into it while the residents were there and so we've repaired the back half of that roof and re-roofed it," said St. Cyprians Episcopal Church Rector Art Callaham.

As workers renovate the porch and scrape off the old paint next door, Callaham said the project is a valuable lesson.

"Even in a community like ours, where times are tough, there's always an opportunity to serve," said Callaham.  "I think one of the best parts is that we're able to do it right here in Lufkin."

He said they spent more than $5,500 buying materials to work on the home, but he said this project is more than just repairing the damage the tornado left behind.

"We are actually living out what our religion tells us to do and what our faith demand of us which is to put ourselves in service," said Callaham.

Members have given more than 800 hours of service and while no one will be saying "move that bus," they've changed a life.

"This isn't Extreme Home Makeover, but they will be water tight and they will be livable again when they're done," said Callaham.

"It's going to look really good when they get through with it," said Thomas.

She survived the tornado, and now this Easter she finds a fresh start in a place to stay that's dry.

The group will continue working Saturday at 8 a.m.

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