Texas Appliance Rebate Program will help customers save money and energy on appliances

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LUFKIN, TX (KTRE)-Last year's federal stimulus package set aside nearly 300 million dollars for an appliance rebate program, similar to cash for clunkers.

Next week, customers can register for rebate forms until the funds run out.

It's a federal program designed to get rid of old appliances and replace them with new, energy efficient models, all while stimulating the economy.

"It started with the cash for clunkers in the automobile industry. This is the first time it's ever been done by the federal government on appliances," said Conn's president of appliances David Trahan.

Texas Trade-Up Appliance Rebate Program reservations begin Wednesday, April 77th at seven am. Texans can sign up for rebates online at www.energystar.gov or www.TexasPowerfulSmart.org, or by calling (877) 780-3039, in order to buy energy efficient appliances in eight different appliance categories.

"Whether they want to buy a washing machine, a dish washer, water heater, refrigerator, and so it's actually a customer can get two rebates per a customer."

Trahan says buyers can save a lot of money.

"In some cases customers are saving fifty percent on their purchases, so tremendous, tremendous values."

For example, customers would be eligible for a $110 rebate on a normally $200 dishwasher.

Once consumers receive their printed rebate forms, they can buy appliances beginning April 16, 2010. The rebates are good for 10 days on most energy star appliances.

After making their purchases, customers must mail in the rebate form and a copy of the receipt, within 60 days from the rebate reservation or wait list request date.

Disposal of the old functional appliance of the same type is also required for all rebate application.

"Now if they recycle their old product there's additional dollars involved in that up to $75."

Although the energy star appliances are more expensive than standard models, the customer saves in overall usage.

"Just in electricity and water conservation, the unit actually pays for itself. Plus the performance of these new products is incredible," said Trahan.

He says it will help boost the appliance business, as well as the local economy, while offering customers great bargains.

Customers may also be eligible for a federal tax credit on some of these energy-efficient appliances.

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