Residents celebrate, trash Saddam statues in Kirkuk

Baghdad isn't the only Iraqi city where residents are trashing statues of Saddam Hussein. T-V footage shows people in the northern city of Kirkuk (keer-KOOK') climbing on a huge statue of Saddam wearing an Arab robe and headdress.

The men wrapped a rope around the statue's neck and raised arm and started shaking it to bring it down. One man climbed onto its shoulder and beat the statue's face with a shoe. The letters "U-S-A" were spray-painted on the base.

The incident follows U-S-allied Kurdish fighters rolling into Kirkuk in a long convoy. Kurdish families ran out of their homes to cheer and throw roses as the fighters passed.

In one square, the bodies of two Iraqi soldiers were seen. The bodies were apparently being ignored by the milling crowds.

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