Good Morning East Texas Headlines 04-06-10


Coming up on Good Morning East Texas: An East Texas family is wondering why anyone would want to hurt their horse. We'll tell you what happened to the animal and what charges the person responsible could face.

An explosion that killed 25 people at a West Virginia coal mine is now being called the worst mining disaster in the U.S. in more than two decades. We'll have a live report on what rescue crews are doing today to find four miners who are still missing.

U.S. Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner is in India today. We'll tell you what he's discussing with leaders of one of the world's fastest-growing economies.

It's a modern treasure housed in an unlikely location. We'll show you an important piece of artwork at the Roseland Plantation in today's "Proud of East Texas".


A warm and windy day is on tap for East Texas this Tuesday.  We will see cloudy skies early followed by partly cloudy conditions this afternoon.  Winds could gust as high as 25 to 30 mph at times out of the south this afternoon.  Highs will reach around the 80 degree mark.

A cold front will move into the area tomorrow bringing with it a chance of showers and storms.  A few of the storms could be strong, but it looks as though the best chance of severe weather will remain off to our east.

Behind this front will be beautiful spring weather with mostly sunny skies for the remainder of the work week into the weekend with pleasant temperatures.


Family horse severely injured after being dragged

On her way home from dropping her kids off at school, Shanda Armstrong noticed something that hadn't been there when she left.

Stranger tried to lure 13-year-old into vehicle

Only 13-years-old, an East Texan was just walking to school when she was approached by a possible child predator. Tyler police said it happened around 7:30 Monday morning, where Tubbs Street dead ends.


MONTCOAL, W.Va. (AP) - West Virginia's governor says he still hopes for a miracle for four miners missing after a coal mine blast that killed 25 others. The four had not been located before dangerous levels of methane gas forced rescue crews out of the mine. Rescue crews are about to begin drilling bore holes into the mine in the hopes of locating the miners.

XIANGNING, China (AP) - The recovery of five bodies has dimmed hopes of another miracle a day after 115 survivors were pulled out after more than a week underground in a flooded Chinese coal mine. Floodwaters are keeping rescuers from reaching 33 miners still trapped. China Central Television reports gas in the mine is also rising to dangerous levels.

WASHINGTON (AP) - A new U.S. nuclear weapons policy is being unveiled today that reflects President Barack Obama's pledge to move toward a nuclear-free world. It seeks to narrow the circumstances under which the United States would use nuclear weapons but still preserve long-standing assurances of nuclear protection for allies.

CAPE CANAVERAL, Fla. (AP) - NASA says the failure of the space shuttle's big dish antenna has made tomorrow's rendezvous with the International Space Station a bit more tricky, but not more dangerous. The problem has also delayed transmission of inspection photos of Discovery's underside which are used to check for launch damage.

SAN ANTONIO (AP) - Authorities say an envelope containing white powder led to the evacuation of about 30 people from administrative offices of the San Antonio International Airport. An airport spokesman says the incident yesterday did not affect passengers or flights. No injuries were reported.

LOS ANGELES (AP) - A Texas man gets five years in federal prison for trying to firebomb a condominium development under construction in Pasadena, California. Prosecutors say 44-year-old Stephen Murphy wanted to intimidate people and companies he believed were harming the environment.

PLANO, Texas (AP) - A man accused of threatening to use deadly force to stop an abortion has made his first appearance in federal court in Plano. A detention hearing for 27-year-old Erlyndon Lo was postponed until April 15. He was arrested by FBI agents on Saturday.