Pollok residents say they're fed up with recent burglaries

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

POLLOK, TX (KTRE)- Many Pollok residents are concerned about the safety of their homes after several break-ins, all in the same area.

The Angelina County Sheriff's office confirms two burglaries from Tuesday morning. While KTRE was speaking with deputies, another resident reported their home was also burglarized.

"You don't ever really expect anything like this to happen to you, but it does. It's evidently getting worse from what the sheriff deputies told me," said Durant Road resident, Glenn Heath who was burglarized Tuesday. "They broke in through the front door, took a bunch of electronics, laptops, video- you know, game consoles, tools."

Delaina Taylor, is another confirmed victim.

"They just went straight to the bedroom and got the big TV," said Taylor. "It's scary. I feel violated."

The television wasn't the only item taken. Also stolen, was a 12-pack of gatorade.

Taylor couldn't help but laugh about this strange twist.

"I guess they were thirsty getting the big TV out."

Pollok residents are angry about an increase of burglaries in their area.

"They need to you know think about what they're doing to people that are hard working, trying to have something and they just want to steal them blind," said owner of Off-Road Explosion Custom Shop, June Smith, who said someone tried to burglarize the business last October.

"I'm scared to leave my house every day, when I go home my stuff's going to be stolen because it's being stolen from friends, acquaintances, neighbors, and people that work for me," said Smith.

Like Crickett Martin who caught a stranger breaking into her home last Friday.

"I told him, here's my 30-30 and I got up and I chased after him," said Martin.

"It's not just once or twice here and there, it's every week," explained Smith.

These residents say they are fed up.

"Don't come back because we [ain't] playing with you all no more. We are aiming to kill [ya'll]. That's all there is to it," said Martin.

According to sheriff's deputies, burglaries remain a wide spread problem throughout Angelina County. They urge residents to keep their eyes and ears open, and contact authorities if you notice any strange activity in your neighborhood.

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