City of Groveton lags behind in census

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Everybody has a reason the City of Groveton lags behind in the census count.

The mayor thinks one thing.

"It may be people don't understand to get that information back in," said Mayor Troy Jones, City of Groveton.

A local cafe owner thinks its something else.

"Apparently the mail service hasn't got it there yet," said Martha Mericle, Indians Cafe Owner.

But what Chamber of Commerce Director Paul Snyder thinks could be the closest to the reason.

"It's nothing to do with intelligence or being a good citizen, loving America or anything like that. Just don't ask me my business," said Paul Snyder, Director of Trinity County Chamber of Commerce.

Low census response rates are nothing new in the area. According to the Director of the Chamber, ten years ago census workers just gave up.

"They were getting people not answering the doors. people just weren't cooperating," said Snyder.

Mayor Jones admits the city didn't put forth much education on the census, but with a low return rate, he's considering changing that .

"Put information around the post office, here at city hall and the grocery store down there. To understand they need to get this info back to us," said Jones.

But some feel with more information nothing will change their minds.

"It's deeper than that. They don't want anybody to know their business," said Snyder.

One thing is clear just like every other city in East Texas, Groveton needs the federal funds that the 2010 Census can offer .

"I would just want to tell the citizens to watch out for that census form and fill it out and it get it back in as soon as possible," said Jones.

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