Pesky weeds invading East Texas lawns

By Jena Johnson - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - They're sprouting up in your yard, in your driveway and everywhere in between.  Those pesky weeds are invading East Texan's property. If you think it's bad, experts say the weed growth is the worst in years.

Lupe Masd said her yard has been invaded. She's spent the recent warmer weeks pulling handfuls of weeds.

"They look so bad and they grow so fast, faster than grass itself," said Masd.

In fact, the weeds are growing faster than she can pull. "It comes back as soon as you pull it out," said Masd.

When the digging and pulling wasn't doing the trick, she called for back-up. "I said come as soon as you can because the weeds are taking over my lawn," she said.

Evergreen Lawn Care said they're fertilizing more lawns than ever, close to ten to fifteen per day.

"The weeds are growing fiercely and because we had so much cold and wet temperatures this year, we've had a lot more weed problems than normal," said Lee Dunn, owner of Evergreen Lawn Care.

While hundreds of weeds linger, Masd says her yard is not getting any greener. "The grass is being choked by the weeds. There is some grass growing here and there, but it's mostly weeds now," said Masd.

"The weeds are holding on a lot longer than they normally do," said Dunn.

If you can't afford a lawn service to spray away your weeds, there are other cheap and effective alternatives.

"Even if it doesn't need to be mowed, go ahead and mow the lawn and that spurs on the grass to grow it also keeps the weeds lower than they would normally want to grow," said Dunn.

Just whatever you do, experts say don't waste your time digging and pulling.

"There's too many to do yourself any service. It would take you forever," said Dunn.

Dunn said you can pick up fairly inexpensive fertilizer at your neighborhood home and garden store.

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