Restaurant Report- Angelina County- April 8, 2010

Dee Dee Donuts  on Main Street in Zavalla received 20 demerits. All employees must obtain food handlers card and a food manager must be on site (this is a repeat violation). They must remove the household equipment. They need to restore the hot water to the restroom (this is a repeat violation). Employees must not eat in the food preparation area and they must clean the air vent above the food storage case. Inspectors will follow up on the repeat violations in 30 days.

Sonic #3 on West Frank received 19 demerits. They need to monitor the temperature at the hot hold. There was no food manager on site and all employees must obtain a food handlers card. They need to repair the fountain drink/ice machine bin drain, repair a leak, clean the floor under the equipment which was found unsanitary, and clean the kitchen equipment. They must sanitize inside the ice machine and the scoops should have the proper type of handles. Inspectors will follow up on the food manager and employee food handlers cards in thirty days.

Slack Cafeteria received 10 demerits. Food was found at improper temperatures and the three compartment sink must not be used to store produce.

Donut Palace on highway 69 south in Huntington received 10 demerits. They must have a date and time on the food items. The backdoor must seal properly, they need to repair the screen on the screen door, and store bulk item scoops properly.

Burley Primary on Joyce Lane was handed 4 demerits. They must have adequate mixing faucet in restroom.

Congratulations to the following, they all received zero demerits this week: Mar Teres Tea Room,  and Central Cafeteria.