Jack of the Week: Brittany Caruthers

By Nick James - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES-KTRE:  Last week in our Jack of the Week segment I brought you twin brother pitchers who have two very different pitching styles.  This week different sport ever so slightly.  Brittany Caruthers is the SFA catcher.  A freshman from Midlothian, Texas who is hitting .300 so far this season with three homeruns and eight doubles, always with a smiling face she is stellar with the stick and not too shabby behind the dish as well.  She is enjoying the fast pace of the college game compared to high school.

"It is completely different as far as high school to college ball goes the game is more upbeat more intense there is more pressure. I love playing with it it's so awesome to be in that position as a division one player and everything its completely different from high school and I love it," Caruthers said.

For third year head coach Gay McNutt she loves having the fabulous freshman behind the plate quarterbacking the defense on the field.

"She keeps this team really up and just her personality and what she brings to the game couldn't be any more proud of her than I am right now she's doing some tremendous things for us behind the plate for us right now and she is stroking the ball pretty well," McNutt said.

Coming into the season the baby of the bunch, Caruthers, earned her spot to start but realized she had some big cleats to fill replacing Kayla Gutowski allowing her to play first base to keep both bats in the Ladyjacks lineup at all times.

"I was really thinking I would be lucky because I knew Kayla was the catcher and she's so good that I would be lucky if I got maybe one out of three games.  Maybe the middle game but I knew that if I worked hard and picked it up that I could be a starter and improve and work as much as I could every single game," Caruthers said.

Being the catcher can be awfully dangerous at times, the craziest injury that Caruthers suffered was?

"One time in select ball the girl foul tipped the ball off my kneecap and my leg went dead.

That's the biggest thing and I have bad catcher's knees that's about it so far.

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