Suggestions for a Great Luau

Buy Hawaii theme invitations or create your own luau invitations using Hawaiian words and phrases .

Encourage your luau guests to wear Aloha Attire.

Have a young girl and boy dressed in Hula attire greet your guests as they arrive with an "ALOHA" and adorn them with either a shell, silk flower, or fresh flower lei .

Create name badges or place settings for the luau attendees with their English and/or Hawaiian names.

Have loose orchids, lei needles, and string for your guests to create their own neck, wrist, or head leis.

Loose orchids are great for female guests who can easily put them in the hair using bobby pins. To wear more than one orchid we recommend using a toothpick to skewer and arrange the orchids then use bobby pins to put the arrangement in the hair. The island tradition is if you are single the flower should be worn behind the right ear and if you are taken then the flower should be worn behind the left ear.

Decorate your buffet table and/or guest tables using a blue plastic table cloth then lay fishing net(s) over the table. Top with sand, shells, glass bowls with gold fish in them, anthuriums, loose orchids, ti leaves , silk flowers . Another option is to line the edge of the table with real raffia hula skirts . The skirts are easy to tack or staple to your table.

Fill a plastic or blow up kiddy pool with ice and keep your canned and bottled beverages in it.

Serve punch, salads, candied pineapple , macadamia nuts , or other buffet items in large sea shells or beach pails.

Set the mood with coconut scented candles in coconut shells , incense in scents of Hawaii , and/or scented floating floral candles .

Create an island atmosphere at your luau by string up strands of fresh orchids around the hall, house, garden, etc.

If this is a party for a little girl, have the guest of honor dress in a Hawaiian Hula Princess outfit .