Texas Stadium Implosion: The end of an era

IRVING, TX – A Texas giant came tumbling down Sunday as the remaining 4 million pounds of concrete and more than 2 million pounds of steel at Texas Stadium imploded.

Dynamite had been strategically placed in the columns of Texas Stadium in Irving as officials prepared to bring down the former home of the Dallas Cowboys football team.

The City of Irving imploded the stadium to redevelop the 80-acre site, along with the adjacent 388 acres owned in parcels by University of Dallas and Southwest Premier Properties.

Texas Stadium, built in 1971, had enjoyed its glory and the memories will linger on. Only steel and concrete remain, and 95 percent of that will be recycled. The Texas Department of Transportation, which has a 10-year, $15.4 million lease with the City, is crushing the cement on site to use for reconstruction of surrounding freeways, and some of the trusses will be saved for artistic value.

All hazardous materials have been removed, along with equipment, patrician walls, and non-structural elements. The lower bowl of the stadium has been removed, and concrete from the lower stands and asphalt beneath the 40-foot deep playing field were moved and filled with 380,000 cubic yards of dirt moved by an average of 600 trucks daily for the past four months.

"The demolition project is costing the City just under $6 million, which includes removal of all debris and final leveling to bring the site back to grade," said Irving Mayor Herbert Gears. "The project cost is funded by revenue generated by the stadium so no tax dollars are being used. Texas Stadium encompassed a prime piece of property and the implosion will clear the way for future development."

As a way to give back to the community, the City arranged for a public viewing in the red parking lot off Highway 114 across from the stadium. The proceeds from the $25 passenger vehicle (NOT per person) cash-only parking fee will benefit local Irving charities.

If you missed KTRE's live web stream of the implosion, you can watch the video of the iconic structure as it came crumbling down, just click the video box on this page.