Disabled have good time at Nacogdoches Challenge Day

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - By Donna McCollum - email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - There's no exception. Everyone had a good time at Challenge Day, including Michael Taylor.

The eight-year-old has Kabuki Syndrome. It's rare. The chromosome disorder happens in one out of 32,000 births.

"He has a low muscle tone," said father Jim Taylor. "His mind works fine, but he can't talk."

"We have to figure out what he wants and he tries to sign and he'll point at something," said his brother, Jim Taylor Jr. "He'll tell you exactly what he wants, it just takes time."

Patience is virtue.

Michael and most of his friends have a challenge verbally expressing their glee for childhood games. Fortunately, smiles and laughter can speak volumes.

"You can easily have been the same way they are right now," Jim Taylor Jr. said. "It's just one tiny little difference that makes a world of difference."

And that's the beauty of Special Olympics Challenge Day. No one is different. They try. They achieve. They're recognized.

"Last year he came home and he wore his medal for two weeks and he was so excited about it and it," his brother said. "I don't even know. I can't explain it. It's just amazing."

A pretty good description of the entire morning.

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