Lufkin dual language program example of Census benefit

BEAUMONT, TX (News Release) - By Holley Nees - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Side, by side, these students become teachers.

"We give them bilingual buddies where they help each other out for school work and projects or just translating whenever the other student doesn't understand what I'm teaching," said Charmayne Mann, a dual language teacher at Burley Primary.

"We do our ABCs in Spanish," Daisy Muniz said.

"They help me to speak Spanish," Addison Hinson said.

The dual-language program at Burley Primary teaches children in two languages by placing Spanish and English speakers together in classrooms that teach bilingually.

"Through our program it's not just about being bilingual, it's also being biliterate where your child will know how to read, write, and speak fluently by the time they end the program," Mann said.

Teachers say the census is directly tied to funding for programs like this. That's why the form asks questions about your race. It determines the amount of money schools need for bilingual programs.

"There are not as many Spanish materials available for schools at this time as there could be and should be because that is a great part of our population here in Texas, so it's so important to everyone please fill out your Census forms and get them in because our children really do depend on that money," Madden said.

The school says their students are about 70 percent Hispanic and an accurate count can help them get the funding they need for the program.

"It will allow the community to know how many people are in our community and give us the funding necessary to use it in our schools," Mann said.

So, in the Spanish words of these bilingual students. Fill it out.

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