4/11 Lufkin Police report

THEFT 2400 BLK. E. DENMAN A man got a 30 pack of beer, a bag of ice, and gas.  He then tried to pay for it with a bad or stolen credit/debit card.  When the clerk told him the card was bad, the man left the store and drove off.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 1300 BLK. BROOK HOLLOW A man reported someone threw an egg at his residence, breaking a window.

DEALDY CONDUCT 200 BLK. OF MLK A man reported two people pointed handguns at him over a child custody dispute.

BURGLARY 100 BLK. FORREST PARK A woman reported someone kicked in the back door to her residence.  She reported a laptop computer, digital camera and a portable DVD player missing.

ASSAULT 700 BLK. HOSKINS A man reported a woman approached him accusing him of selling dope.  The man said the woman was hitting him in the face with her finger, when he pushed her away, two males began to beat him.  Minor injuries were reported.

THEFT 300 N. MEDFORD An Ipod was reported stolen out of a locker.

FRAUD 600 BLK. LESLIE LN A woman reported unauthorized purchases on her credit card.

HARRASSMENT 300 BLK. MOODY A woman reported receiving harassing phone calls from her estranged husband.

CRIMINAL MISCHIEF 2300 BLK. NORWOOD A man reported someone cut the tires to his car and put a candy bar in the gas tank