Timpson school teacher is a survivor of cancer

TIMPSON, TX (KTRE) – Gladys Simon claps her hands and shouts "I'm a survivor!" after all in the last five years, Cancer has haunted this Timpson Elementary School teacher three times.

"It's hard to hear that diagnosis that you have cancer, it's hard to hear that, but then to know that your family and friends around you that help you get through things because this is a small community, but it's just amazing how people come together." -said Simon

Hayden Ramsey is a 6th grader and former student in Simon's math class. When she was first diagnosed with colon cancer, he was only in second grade.

"Cancer is just a horrible thing and I want to help cure it. It makes me think she's a fighter and she's really strong," said Ramsey.

"It's just amazing how the community rallies around someone when they're sick and supports the efforts that we're doing for cancer research," Simon said.

Just imagine what kind of inspiration simon will be able to provide years from now.