Lufkin hair dresser says 'do can affect your mood

By Holley Nees - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - A new poll shows 44 percent of American women say a bad hair day is enough to affect their mood. One Lufkin hair dresser said she's had a bad hairdo before and now she works to make her clients stay in a good mood.

"I will do anything, even if I have to move my appointment a little later in the day, I will be here," said Mane Attraction client Cristina Peitersen.

She's had a bad hairdo before and comes to Mane Attraction because she wants to leave in a good mood.

"I don't change it much, they know exactly what to do," said Peitersen.

One poll shows a bad hair day puts about half of the women in America in a bad mood.  Lufkin women said that is why they come to the Mane Attraction.

"When you come in, when you go out, you know you're going to feel better and that's what it is, you are better," said client Darruth McGaughey.

Guesna Dixon has been a hairdresser for nearly 40 years and said she's even been stuck with a bad 'do.

"I personally have had some bad haircuts when I've gone to hair shows and it just took some growing out," said Dixon, owner of Mane Attraction.

She said if you want to cut out the bad mood, work with it.

"If you can, change it, but usually if someone has had a bad haircut if it's long enough we can regroup," said Dixon.  "Sometimes people get layers, they're not real happy with layers."

Some clients said a good hair day can be enough to lighten your mood.

"It makes you feel like you're put back together and you actually have a completed look for the day," said client Katie King.

Although a bad hair day is enough to send some over the edge, often a good trim means 
Dixon gets to be the highlight of someone's day.

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