Census is an answer for prayers


LUFKIN TX, (KTRE) - Census is giving some East Texans hope, at least temporarily. If you don't fill out your census form, a census worker is allowed to knock on your door up to six times, and talking to your neighbors.

Jacqueline Jefferson says she has been searching for work, but it's hard to find.

"All basically I do every day is pray or look for a job," said Jefferson.

Jacqueline is just one of many East Texans hoping that the census will be the answer to their prayers for at least the next few months.

"I'll go to anything, you know, a job is a job to me," said Jefferson.

"My car broke down yesterday, so they think it's going to be 700 and three thousand dollars to fix it, which I don't currently have, so I'm going to the Census would be a good way to get some extra money over the summer to get that done," said Nicole Palacio, Also looking for a job.

Workforce Solutions says it's not a bad job to have on your resume and it's a good way to network.

"I think it's always better to have a job, especially when you're looking for another job, so my advice would be to take it and you still don't have to give up looking for something more permanent," said Sandra Hopson, with Workforce Solutions.

The Census says you can call their 800 number and they will connect you to your local office, then you can schedule a time to take your basic skills test and a copy of that test is already on their website.

"I have looked at it.  It's not particularly difficult, but I think it's good to maybe check it out," said Hopson.

She also thinks it's a saving grace out of a rough economy.

"It's kind of an answer to a prayer for many people here because of the situation.  Now there is something here that can employ quite a few people until private industry starts stepping up and starts doing more hiring," said Hopson.

Pay ranges from seven to 20 dollars an hour depending on what jobs are available in your area.

"It'll be money in your pocket," said Jefferson.

"A little bit of money for a little amount of time is better than none at all," said Palacio.

To find the link to the simple test or the 800 number to call, just go to our home page and click, on the big red box.

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