'Wet' drug becoming more prevalent in Angelina

Joel Luna
Joel Luna

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - By Jena Johnson - email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - Joel Luna says a drug called "wet" is what put him in an orange jumpsuit.

"It turns me into a predator," Joel Luna said.

Luna says there's a hidden danger behind what looks like a cigarette or a blunt.

"The very first time I smoked it I thought we were smoking some weed," Luna said.

"You could pass this off to anybody and they would think, 'oh, I'm getting a blunt, I'm borrowing a cigarette from somebody' and you're actually getting wet," said Investigator Tom Matthews of the Angelina County Sheriff's Office.

It's soaked in formaldehyde. Luna says after one hit, he thought he lost his mind.

"I hit it one time and tripped out on a whole bunch of people," Luna said. "You know I smoked a whole bunch of it and then another time I just smoked it one time and thought maybe if I just hit it one time I'll feel a little better, but it did the same thing. I still ended up trying to beat everybody up and tried to look for my gun."

Authorities say the drug popularity comes in cycles, targeting ages 15 to 25. Lately, it's become more prevalent because it's dirt cheap.

"It's starting to make itself known here in Angelina County," Matthews said.

It's also relatively easy to find.

"It wasn't really like I had to try to get it," Luna said. "It was everywhere on the streets."

But the cheap, easy high cost more than he bargained for.

"I regret it a lot because it wasn't just a high that came and went it had a lot of effect on my life and other peoples' lives," Luna said.

Five years of his life has been spent behind bars. Missing his daughters' birthdays. He says his nine-year-old will barely speak to him.

"It could change your whole life whether it be leaving there and having a car wreck or whether it just be doing something stupid to somebody or it could land you sitting right here where I'm at," Luna said.

Luna pleaded guilty to robbery charges Monday. He faces a sentencing for the crime at a later date.

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