Next Generation Lasik

A new technology is dramatically improving laser vision correction known as lasik, with a majority of patients in one study say they're seeing 20/20, or even better.   Contact lenses and glasses can often be inconvenient,  and they can also cause problems with glare.  In comes a new type of lasik technology called wavefront. Instead of relying on the patient to tell the doctor which level of correction appears to be best, a computer takes precise measurements of the amount of near-sightedness, far-sightedness and astigmatism. Doctors say it also measures other aspects of vision, such as other individual variations or imperfections. Those variations become part of the treatment that is then applied by the laser. The result? An incredible 96% of lasik surgeries in one study resulted in 20/20 vision. And doctors say the quality of vision, the sharpness of vision, the accuracy and the safety are the best that they've seen to date with lasik surgery. Recognizing the impact of wavefront, experts in the field have added information on the new technology to lasik vision guidelines for patients. So far, 99% of patients who've had the surgery say they're satisfied with it.  To find out whether lasik vision correction with the new wavefront technology is right for you, talk to your eye doctor.