Terror mastermind captured...Bush says quick end to war sends clear message

Pentagon-AP -- He's one of the world's most wanted terrorists -- and now, Abu Abbas is reported in American custody. Abbas led the Palestinian group that hijacked the cruise liner "Achille Lauro" (ah-KEE'-leh LOW'-roh) and killed an American in 1985. Defense officials say he was captured in a raid last night in Baghdad.

(White House-AP) -- President Bush says the quick end to large-scale combat in Iraq sends a clear message to all who would threaten the U-S. But he says the victory is not complete. Bush spoke as many U-S troops shifted their focus to delivering humanitarian aid and searching for banned weapons.

(Paris-AP) -- It's not quite a reconciliation, but President Bush and France's president talked by phone today for the first time in two months. The two leaders discussed Iraq's reconstruction. France's stand against the Iraq war had strained relations with the Bush administration.

(Ur, Iraq-AP) -- About 80 Iraqi delegates agreed on a few principles that they'll follow as they create a new government. But they face a difficult task. Some Shiite (SHEE'-eyet) Muslims boycotted today's first meeting in southern Iraq -- and thousands of Shiites protested nearby, shouting, "No to America."

(Tikrit, Iraq-AP) -- Their weapons are being taken away, but residents of Tikrit (tih-KREET'), Iraq, are fighting U-S troops with insults. Marines are searching pedestrians for weapons and strictly controlling traffic. A blocked bridge angered a crowd of residents. One shouted, "Saddam will return."

(Baghdad, Iraq-AP) -- Iraq's history is going up in smoke. The national library in Baghdad is little more than a shell, after looters and arson fires gutted the treasures inside. The three-story building housed all books published in Iraq. Iraq's Islamic library has also been looted and burned.

(Washington) -- Secretary of State Colin Powell says the U-S has no plans to go to war with anyone else. Powell renewed his criticism of Syria and Iran today, but he rejected any suggestion the administration has a list of more countries where it might send troops.

(Washington-AP) -- A federal appeals court says prosecutors have to find a compromise -- if they want to keep the trial of nine-eleven terror suspect Zacarias Moussaoui (zak-uh-REE'-uhs moo-SOW'-ee) out of military court. The court suggests that prosecutors find substitutes for the classified information he needs to defend himself.

(White House-AP) -- President Bush says economic weaknesses remain -- and his tax cut will address those weaknesses. In a tax day speech, Bush said the economy needs at least 550 (b) billion dollars in tax relief over ten years. Bush originally asked Congress for 726 (b) billion dollars in cuts over a decade.

(Modesto, California-AP) -- Authorities in Northern California say it could be weeks before the bodies of a woman and infant boy are identified. They're trying to determine whether the woman is Laci Peterson, who was eight months pregnant when she disappeared on Christmas Eve. The bodies were found a mile -- and a day -- apart.

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