Restaurant Report: Angelina County- 04/22/10

Jack In-The Box on Frank Ave was handed 14 demerits. The floor in the walk-in cooler and freezer needs to be cleaned. A broken shelf was found in the freezer. The microwaves were dirty. The freezer door must seal tightly and the shake mixer needs to be cleaned. All employees must obtain food handler certification within 30 days, and inspectors will follow up on this violation.

Nary Donuts on North Raguet received 10 demerits. They were docked for operating with the cold water disconnected, items were found in the hand sink, making it not accessible. The thermometer was not visible in the freezer. They need to clean under the fryer and in the small freezer and they must use proper procedure when manually washing equipment.

Central Donuts on Highway 59 was given 7 demerits. They must not place the food items in the rinse compartment of the sink and must keep it sanitized.

Taco Casa on First Street got 7 demerits. All employees need to obtain food handler cards within 30 days. The employees need to keep their drinks out of the kitchen. They need to repair the leak at the hand wash sink and repair the fountain drink line.

Sonic #1 on Timberland was handed 5 demerits. They need to decrease the temperature at the cold hold, clean the wall at the front hand sink and clean the grease under the fryers.

Kurth Elementary Cafeteria was given 5 demerits for improper food temperatures. They must increase the temperature of the food in the food line.

UFO Pizza on Brentwood Street received 4 demerits. They need to clean the doors to the reach-in coolers, clean the bottom of the cooler and the floor in the bar area, clean the men's restroom, and clean the doors to the cabinets below the fountain drink machine. The back door needs to seal tightly on the left side.

Red Lobster on First Street got 4 demerits because the employees need to renew their food handler certifications; inspectors will follow up with employees in 30 days for this violation.

Salvation Army Adult DC was given 4 demerits when inspectors found the inside of the microwaves were dirty.

Subway on John Redditt was handed 3 demerits. They need to sanitize the fountain drink nozzles.

Chicken Express on South Medford was docked 3 demerits because they need to remove the broken ice scoop.

Subway on South Timberland got 3 demerits because the back door needs to seal tightly at the bottom.

Starbucks on First Street received 3 demerits for missing hand sanitizer at the hand wash facilities.

Cheddar's on South Medford was given 3 demerits because they need to use the correct concentration of sanitizer at the bar. A note on the report that did not result in a demerit: they need to repair the sink at the bar.

Castle Pines on Frank Ave got 3 demerits. The back door must seal tightly.

Congratulations to the following restaurants, they all received Zero demerits this week!Smoothie King on South Medford Drive, Pizza Hut Delivery on South Medford Drive, Lufkin Head Start on North Timberland, Diboll Primary, Hudson Middle School Cafeteria, St Cyprians Cafeteria, Hope Center on Cain Street, Lufkin Middle School Cafeteria, Angelina County Jail on East Lufkin Ave, Hudson High School, and Donut Palace on Frank Ave.