Kennard residents won't welcome second round of census workers

By Morgan Thomas - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Census workers are gearing up for round two... those door-to-door visits for those who didn't return their surveys.

Nationally, the return rate is 71%, 68 % statewide...but in Kennard-- not even close.

Kennard residents want to know why the government cares so much about the census.

"I feel like they think people are being nosy - don't want them to know their business," said Tracy Copaus, Lifelong Kennard Resident.

Some feel there's an agenda behind the census.

"They don't think they're getting enough tax money from that county so they want to come back and make sure everybody does it so they can get more taxes out of us," said Westbrook:.

Mail carrier, Donell Copaus, worries about those who needed help filling it out.

"Some of them may not actually be able to understand it - maybe read it - write what they need to write," said Donell Copaus, Kennard Mail Carrier.

"I didn't know anything about what to send it out about things," said Clinton Polk, Didn't Understand Census Form.

Answering questions is a large part of why census workers plan to make another visit.

"If I could get in touch with them I would probably send it in," said Polk.

An interesting observation from a long-time Kennard native noted that many fallen down barns, abandon houses had census forms on them. Like one house that folks say has been abandoned more than 15 years.

"how do you expect someone to feel that out when its tore down? Or half-way standing? You actually think someone's living there?" said Donell Copaus.

If the census is waiting on these forms - this could explain why Kennard is only at 48%. Census workers themselves pose a problem too.

"I wouldn't answer the door. I mean because the census workers around here I've never even seen them. There's no local people... It's not your next door neighbor or nothing like that," said Tracy Copaus.

Census workers beware...

"Shoot. Probably shoot," said Westbrook.

...It doesn't appear Kennard residents will embrace the census anytime soon.

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