Textbook rentals coming to SFA

By Donna McCollum - bio | email

NACOGDOCHES, TX (KTRE) - Visit any college bookstore and you'll quickly learn university textbooks aren't cheap and the tab comes around every semester.

"I spend about five to six hundred dollars, which is super expensive," Jacob Martin, university junior shared.

When Martin returns to Stephen F. Austin State University in the fall he'll find a cost saving option at the SFA Barnes and Noble Bookstore.

"Students are able to rent their textbooks at 50% less than the cost of a brand new printed textbook," Kristen Christopher, bookstore manager said.

Trial rental programs have proven students like the idea. So do parents. "It's kinda nerve racking how much a book costs for using it for 3 months, so I would be all for it," Brad Cozart, a parent of two college bound children said.

Student can treat the books, within reason, as they would a book they bought. The popular yellow high lighter can be used on rented textbooks. They can be paid for in a variety of ways. They can be reserved online or in the store.

There are some disadvantages. Not all textbooks can be rented. Those with disposable components, such as online disks and I-d's won't make the cut.

The rental program helps the bookstore industry cut costs on purchasing so many books. Publishers, the ones making the most profit, aren't too crazy about the idea.

"It's an ever changing industry, so there are lots of changes happening," Christopher said. "So we are trying to stay up with the times."

"If I could rent textbooks for cheaper and then turn them back in like I already do anyway, that saves me a tremendous amount of money and tremendous amount of time, " Martin said.

Two premium selling points for most college students.

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