Both sides of the river battle for bragging rights at the KTRE River Rivalry

By Whitney Grunder - bio | email

LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) – Both sides of the river battled for bragging rights in the KTRE River Rivalry.

Win or lose, the crowds were excited to see the seniors play ball one more time.

There was cheering, yelling, and even dancing.

Both Angelina and Nacogdoches County fans watched as their favorite teams and players hit the hard top.

There were of course some differences in opinion on who would come out on top.


"Angelina. No doubt."

"Nacogdoches County."


"Nacogdoches County and a couple good Chireno guys out there."

"I'm not for or against either team. I just hope its close."

No matter what side of the river they were rooting for, the excitement was all the same.

"What makes it so much fun is to have the surrounding teams from the various areas competing together and also competing against each other," said Robert Johnson, an Angelina County fan.

While the girls fought to defend their turf, the boys explained that part of the fun, is playing their game one more time, as seniors.

"It's intense because of the rivalry and it's going to be a hard game, we're going to have to come play, ready to play hard," said Jkelon Edwards for Nacogdoches County.

"I want to beat them one more time before I graduate," said Byron Davis, playing for Angelina County.

The crowd support made the last match up a memorable one.

"It's a nice crowd here and that should make the game interesting," said Edwards.

"When I see a big crowd it motivates me, so I'm ready to play," said Davis.

Angelina County won both matches.

The final score for the girls was 48-36, Angelina County.

The final score for the boys was 72-51, Angelina County.

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