Woodland Heights celebrates its volunteers

Nancy DeVore, Woodland Heights Volunteer.
Nancy DeVore, Woodland Heights Volunteer.

LUFKIN TX, (Press release) – Volunteers play a critical role in hospitals across the country, compassionately supplementing the services that staff provides to patients, their families and guests.  At Woodland Heights Medical Center, volunteers donate their time in various departments and perform a variety of jobs and services.  Last week, Woodland Heights recognized these dedicated men and women by hosting a Volunteer Appreciation & Awards Luncheon, during which volunteers were celebrated for their time, service and dedication.

"Volunteers do more than just help, they inspire us by example," said Casey Robertson, Interim Chief Executive Officer of Woodland Heights Medical Center.  "Our volunteers add a special dimension of personal service and care; they provide comfort to patients and family members, as well as provide service and support to hospital staff."

Currently, Woodland Heights Medical Center has over 40 adult volunteers who donate thousands of hours annually.  Tasks include everything from greeting visitors and office work, to working in the hospital Gift Shop, or helping check-in patients in outpatient surgery.

"I have been volunteering in the Woodland Heights Gift Shop for over 29 years," said Nancy DeVore, Woodland Heights Volunteer.  "Volunteering gives me a sense of accomplishment and I have met many wonderful individuals over the years who have enhanced my life.  Also, it feels good knowing the proceeds for the Gift Shop directly benefit our community."

All proceeds from sales in the Woodland Heights' Gift Shop directly benefit our community through funding an Angelina College health careers scholarship.  The endowment was initially established about 2-years ago with a gift of $15,750 and continues to be funded biannually.  Angelina College awards the scholarship to students based upon established criteria.

If you are interested in meeting new friends, impacting others and helping our community, volunteering might be right for you.  For more information on becoming a Volunteer at Woodland Heights Medical Center, contact Christie Maddux at (936) 637-8687.